This is a report from Captain, James V. Pepe when we participated in a living history at the Hermitage House in Hohokus, NJ on Saturday, May 22nd.

Unlike in years past this event spanned two days Friday, May 21st and Saturday, May 22nd and had more Union troops, including Cavalry and General Grant. Four members represented Company A and the Regiment. They were Captain Jim Pepe, Privates Frosty Lawson, Joe Hofmann and Charlie Pfeiffer.

We conversed with the public answering questions and Private Lawson played melodies for all and received applause from those in attendance for the excellent and heart felt music. After eating lunch, which was free to all those in uniform, we assembled and started doing the Manual-of-Arms. We were quickly joined by two other soldiers. After the Manual-of-Arms demonstration weapons were inspected and then we practiced skirmish drill.

After the demonstration was completed the squad was put at rest and at 3:00 P.M. we all departed for home. The squad was small but the morale was high. The boys demonstrated their precision and knowledge and represented Company A in the best traditions of the Regiment.

Captain, James V. Pepe
Company A, 3rd Regiment, NJVI